Monday, January 07, 2013

Charley's Movin' on Up

So much new furniture around here, I can't quite keep it straight! We have a new couch and recliner, and a second new couch that will come eventually. They are super nice and comfy.

Because of some bad customer service, Jeremy was able to haggle for 1/2 off the cost of a full size matress and box springs for Charley's room. He's been in a toddler bed so it's about time for him to move up the ranks.

Why the big bed instead of just a twin? Because Jeremy is working on a blueprint for a train table on castors that will roll under his bed. It will be his birthday present and Jeremy's pretty into the project. All I know is that there's plywood all over the garage and a something scribbled  here on the desk that Jeremy calls a 'circuit diagram'.

We'll have train themed party and have asked guest to bring pieces for the train village in lieu of presents. I'm pretty excited about that too. I hope someone brings something ridiculous like fruit roll up waterfall (which is exactly what Jeremy is nervous about, tee hee).

Anyway, so the bed went up this weekend and Charley couldn't be happier. He LOVE HIS BED. 

Thanks Mom-mom for the cool pillowcase. Aptly timed!

See that there in Gramaw's chair? That's a super mopey big sister who doesn't understand why Charley has a bed bigger than hers. For starters, her room is smaller...but when I mentioned that, it didn't seem to help her mood.

I've calmed the drama by promising  her that they could have a sleepover in Charley's room this weekend, and reminding her of all the cool things that she has gotten to do that Charley never has (like go to NYC with me). And basically kid, that's life.

I was trying to find a 'before picture' but the only one I had of the current setup features Charley totally nude for some reason. Typical.

So here's some OLD ones from when Tessa was a babe in this room. Aw look, a crib! I forgot all about having a crib. Sniff.

That changing table is now my dresser in my closet which is cool because I didn't have one and had all my underpants in a rubbermaid thingy, and also because Charley's closet already has a built in dresser with six drawers. So we are putting it where it's most useful and well....I don't change any diapers anymore either. Sniff.

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