Tuesday, January 01, 2013

NYE, Through the Kindergarten Lens

Yesterday we had a New Year's party at our house with our small group and another small group, resulting in a LOT of kids and a lot of fun too. We hung out all day and played board games and ate finger foods until dark, when Jeremy shot off a big fireworks display in the cul-de-sac.

The fireworks were left over from the 4th of July when we had a drought and burn ban and Jeremy's usually pyrotechnic extravaganza at the lake was cut short by the threat of jail time. And he finally had an excuse to blow them up.

We had a house full so I put one of my favorite 5 year olds in charge on the camera, and she took 220 pictures. What did we do before digital cameras? I guess we didn't openly let our little kids play with them as much.

But what I really love is seeing the party through a kid view. I like to see what they look at and deem picture worthy....

Game table in the office, plus my belly roll. 

Lego creations

Antique camera collections.

Friends playing toys.

Friends playing games. 


Thankful tree and cork wreath. 

Photographer self portrait 1.

Photographer self portrait 2. 

Snow outside 1.

Snow outside 2.

Games on the floor. 

Crusty mouthed friends. 

Pictures from a million years ago. 

Cool pens from Colorado. 

Hugs from old friends. 

Lego creation. 

Babysitters that hug. 

Babysitters that tickle. 

Yoda ruling over a puzzle city. 

Friends posing. 

Friends vegetating. 

Big smiles


BTW, if you're wondering where all the adults are in these pics, we're in the dining room playing more grown up games. Hence the awesome idea of having babysitters to help us. Genius. Fun was had by all, old and young!

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Jersey Mama said...

I love these! I love to see pics from a kid's perspective. Happy new year to all of you!