Friday, December 28, 2012

Tessa, Naartjie Spokesmodel

When we lived in San Jose we had a Naartjie kid's clothing store at the mall. I went there once with Tessa as a baby (when I was hip and used to travel places) and fell in love with their lacy cuffed leggings, mismatched patterns and hooded casual dresses. If left to my devices, I would buy the place up.

Sadly we don't have a Naartjie anywhere in Indiana, so I occasionally order online. By the way, if you're wondering how to say...just sneeze. That sounds about right.

I got Tessa a warm Naartjie sweatshirt dress with matching leggings as a special gift from me for Christmas. She wore it today and pronounce it very cute and comfy. 

I love all the detailing on something as simple as a sweatshirt. Casual, but still mega cute. That's why I love this brand.

I decided to poke around through Tessa's Naartjie hall of fame. Here's last year's Pre-K school picture. Another hooded dress, this one with a a big ruffly skirt and leggings. Happily, this one still fits.

Here's two year old Tessa (look at that baby face!) in probably my favorite one. You can't see in the pic but this is actually a hooded dress with a denim skirt and matching leggings. She wore this thing until fell apart and now I think Avi has it. I loved this thing.

And if I go way way back in the archives, here is Tessa's first Naartije, her first Easter dress. It's hard to see but the leggings are plum colored and match the embroidery on the dress.

I'm so loyal to this brand. Feel free to buy Tessa these clothes anytime as a gift, and let's petition for a store to be built in our state. Or for the sake of my wallet, let's not.

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