Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Elves

I actually  like to call them my Elvises because it's more fun. This week we've been elfing all around town. Starbucks cards and poinsettias for teachers, cards and family letters in the mail. We delivered cookies to our frequented doctors offices (I mean, I do see the allergy ladies once a week!), our immediate neighbors and a couple of other random friends. We mailed our last couple of packages to far away nieces and nephews.

I can ALMOST say that our Christmas cheer has been tied up in a neat little bow, and we're ready to settle in for our long winter's nap (following what may be an all night gift wrapping session).

Of course the kids both love elfing around but one thing is for certain, Charley boils OVER with the Christmas spirit. Every time we delivered a bag of cookies or gift card, he acted like his head was going to explode before he could squeeze out....HO HO HO Murray Kissmaz!!

And he never got tired of it.

I posted on FB that watching him run down the street from house to house was almost exactly like watching him trick or treat.

We made 130 cookies. Yeah, that's alot. We used my recipe for super dark dark chocolate cookies and added mint chips. aversion to dark chocolate means I'm not a fan. But apparently the rest of the world is. The lighter ones are just macadamia free white chocolate cookies. 

Jeremy said it was a hidden message about the black and white nature of Christmas. Either you're filled with the spirit or you're not. I think he's taking it a little too seriously.

This afternoon the kids painted some cards to send/give to their grandparents. Being that we only have five grand-parental deliveries to make, Charley may have gone a bit overboard by making 14 cards.

What can I say...the Christmas Spirit. Apparently, either you've got it or you don't!

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