Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Build a Bear Christmas

A while back, Tessa had asked that her big present be a trip to the Build a Bear workshop. After checking and double checking that this is what she really wanted the most...we made it happen.

One nice thing about not doing Santa in our house is that we don't have to abide by his strict time we went on the 23rd.

Yes we went to the area's most popular mall on 12/23. I'm still recovering.

Tessa had a $40 gift card that came in a cute little Christmas house. With that amount, we were able to do the whole Build a Bear experience...pick a flat shell of an animal, stuff it, add a sound and a heart, clothe it, accessorize it, name it, register it, put it in a cool box house and pay!

Out of a wall full of animal choices, Tessa chose a cuddly rabbit. She dressed it in pink from head to toe, including little heels and underpants.

Tessa wanted a 'short fancy' name and since we're in a Downton Abbey phase right now, I suggested Clara. So Clara Beara Bennington it is!

We registered her in the computer so it became official, with Tessa as her 'Mom' and 12/23 as her birth date. 

In the midst of all the insanity in the mall we did see something cool...a gingerbread house competition. I think Jeremy took a picture of this so he can start planning his schematics for next year.

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