Thursday, December 13, 2012


That's what my Dad used to say when everyone got really sick with something. That we had the epizootic. When I googled it for spelling, turns out it's a hemorrhagic disease. Bleh.

No we didn't have that, but we have been very very ill in our house. I can't remember a time when we were all THIS sick, and all at once. Last week Tessa missed 5 days of school due to high fever and Jeremy, Charley and I fared about the same.

When all four members of your family have fevers and are hungry but food sounds gross and no one has the energy to cook. Those are the times I wish that Mom was retired and lived right down the road.

But we got this far mostly unscathed. Tessa's back to school, Jeremy's on a business trip and Charley made it to his preschool pageant (with a minute clinic checkup only moments beforehand). Charley and I both managed to magically turn our flus into ear infections, so perfect health still somewhat escapes us. 12 days after illness first showed up in our house...we're still coughing and chugging antibiotics.

None of us have ever gotten flu shots (well Jeremy has but since he's allergic to sulfur, it didn't end well) and I always gloat how we never caught the flu. So I guess our number was up. You can only tempt germ fate so many times, especially with a kid now in elementary school.

All in all the last two weeks have sucked, but not totally. Last week was the perfect timing for getting sick because we had no huge Christmas or school commitments that couldn't be changed. We watched endless hours of tv shows and holiday movies, and cuddled and read books and napped in bed together.

Cabin fever may have stolen a few of my sanity cells by fever day 6, but all in all I can't complain about the togetherness. A pre-Christmas lesson on what's important? Perhaps.

A really dark picture of Tessa taking my place at my family's annual St. Elmo's dinner, while Charley and I stayed home with fevers. She had a good time but honestly...I still kinda want  my steak.

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