Monday, December 03, 2012

Life with Mikey

Tessa's class has a 'class pet' who gets to go home with kindergarteners on weekends.His name is Mikey the Monkey. The kid then has to write a little report on what he did and submit some pictures for a binder of all his travels.

Kind of like many years ago when we did the Flat Stanley project for Room 42. That just happened to be during the time that Jeremy was working in his company's division for Europe and Asia, and MAN did ol' Stan get around that year (I think it 2002-ish?).

Anyway, I had casually told Tessa's teacher how we were headed to the Nutcracker on Saturday and low and behold guess who came home with Tessa this weekend. I guess Mikey hadn't been to the ballet yet.

We had a lot of fun with Mikey and Tessa did a pretty good job with her sentences about him (part sounding out words, part copying what I wrote on a wipey board).

Here's what her report said:

1) Mikey hid in our Christmas tree. 
2) Mikey hung from our stairs. 
3) Mikey helped us build a train.
4) Mikey saw the Nutcracker ballet. 
5) Mikey met Mamaw and Papaw. 
6) Mikey went to church.

That Monkey had a pretty good time. Pretty busy social life if you ask me.

Also he got a bonus day with us because Tessa was home sick with a fever today. We had her checked out and it's nothing but a pesky virus. She's already doing much better. When I talked to her teacher, I assured her that Mikey was getting a nice hot bath in the washing machine, and she heartily thanked me for that.

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