Monday, August 23, 2010

Hiding Out

Over Thursday and Friday the kids and I got the heck out of here because we were having new windows installed at the house. Two toddlers, no AC and work crews with tools? thanks.

I guess I should show a picture of the after windows, if only I had remembered 'before' shots. I will say that it's already amazing the difference it's making for our AC, especially given this HOT and humid summer. Our upstairs is actually less than 82 degrees!, it's 72 even!

We went down to North Vernon and stayed at Mom and Dad's.
We visited and got to once again be honorary 4th graders. This time Tessa even got her own desk, which she took very seriously. She kept raising her hand and spouting out nonsense stories during the kid's math lesson. She also drew and counted jewels. It was very cute.

Later Mom, Andy, Kelly and Bill took the big kids out on the river. Once those of us at the house realized they had been gone an extra long time, we got a call that they had run out of gas and were paddling back. Haha!

I love the resemblance in this picture.

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Cindy said...

OMG! Tessa looks so much like Jeremy in this picture!