Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Wardrobe

This morning I got into the kids closet and we did a little fashion show at which we determined that basically none of Tessa's fall/winter clothes from last year fit. All the pants and sleeves are too short.

I had already hit a few good deals at Kohls and got her three long sleeve cotton dresses but we needed a few more basics. I had also gotten carried away and bought her some 4T pants which are way too big, but tucked them into storage for later.

So we headed out to Target and did some damage.

I've said it before and I'll say it some more....I love Target for kid's clothes. And Old Navy. My two favorite places and both of them always have good deals (hello Old Navy bi-annual baby sale!). Who can resist those $4 Circo brand jeans and $12 denim jackets?

I know there are lots of cute matching outfits out there in the world but our family wardrobe all revolves around mix and match....cute tops and jeans. That goes for all four of us. Easy and classic.

My other tried and true tip for dressing girls for fall is a white or cream sweater and some knit tights or leggings. That way she can wear all of those short sleeve sun dresses well into cold weather. You can see Tessa's sweater in the left hand corner and I couldn't resist the teal corduroy skirt that went with it.

Where's all of Charley's loot? Well since he refuses to grow, you will find him wearing all the same 18 mo size clothes he wore last winter. But we couldn't resist the monster outfit and some new shoes.

Both kids also got some new long sleeve pjs. We are SET for cold weather....until I see Old Navy's irresistible Christmas outfits, but that's still a ways off.


BrookZ said...

I got Abbey one of the same outfits today but in 3T!! She definetly needs clothes for her birrthday, luckily Kate will be able to wear the 2T stuff but Abs needs 3T stuff! That cream sweater is ADORABLE, I almost picked it up today too. Lots of cute stuff!

BrookZ said...

hmmm i tried to post a comment but not sure if it went through! Basically I said Abbey got one of the same outfits and I LOVED the cream sweater so cute. Kate will be able to wear Abbeys stuff this fall from last year but Abs is in desperate need of some fall clothes in 3t!!

phasejumper said...

I use the same sweater trick for my boys...only they wear a long sleeve shirt under the short sleeve shirt or a hoodie over it. I love Target and Old Navy for kids, too!

erin said...

Agreed agreed dear shoppy aunty laura! By the way, Avi and Tessa have the same purple shirt from Target since I also hit them up last week and we have the same great taste!. Did somebody say "photo opportunity??" :) Love, Aunty Erin...I will be calling soon to shop in your closet :)