Friday, August 13, 2010

My Friday- by Charley

Mommy took me to see Dr. Joe today to make sure I am healthy. I don't know why she keeps taking my picture....doesn't she know that *I * am the photographer?

Look at me, a big guy! Actually I'm not....apparently my teething induced manorexia has made me lose a little weight since my 12 month appt. I have to go back in a couple of months for a weight check. Mommy and I are on opposite eating plans now.

Wait, why is she looking sad. Is something bad going to happen? And does my sister have a little grin on her face? Hey I gave that nurse my best "NO!" and smacked her away, and she still gave me shots.

And then to make it worse my Mommy went through the terrifying car-wash? The scary soap monster was trying to get me through the window!

Shortly after though I got my to have my favorite dinner though, cheese tacos from Taco Bell. Anything to pack on the pounds.

When we got home my sister made me a picture she titled 'water fight'.
She also tried to tell a joke that went something like this....

knock knock
who's there?
TESSA, hahahaha!
Tessa who?
T-E-S-S-A, hahahaha!

I don't get it, must be big kid humor

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Stephany said...

Charley, it's OK I used to be scared of car washes too!!! (i guess i shouldn't tell mommy it lasted until I was like 8.)