Sunday, August 01, 2010

Big Girl

Behold, Tessa's first ever outfit purchased not from the toddler section but the big girl section of Target. Gasp! Apparently a 4T also translates into an X-Small big girl.

I don't normally pay full price off the rack for kids clothes (call me queen of the sale, outlet and secondhand) but I couldn't resist this one for fall, and another of the same cut in denim.
If you're wondering, yes Charley is enjoying shredded cheese and a calculator. Sometimes you have to get creative with a cranky pants.

Also very big girl...she is starting day camp at Tippy Toes tomorrow. She will be there every day this week from 10-4 dancing, doing art, playing games and watching ballet movies. I know she is going to LOVE it, and I have a feeling she will be tired at the end of every day too. Several of her little friendies will be there and Miss Allison will be her teacher again.

And lastly....Tessa has officially been potty trained for over a year but we've not been brave enough to venture into night/nap training just yet. Today she announced that she didn't want to wear a diaper to nap because she was a big girl, so she didn't! Two hours later she was dry as a bone and very proud of herself.


phasejumper said...

Cute outfit! That's awesome about being dry at naptime!!

Stephany said...

My heart is melting on so many accounts - such a big big girl! so proud of her!!