Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve in Southern IN

On Christmas Eve we headed down where we always do for holiday and such, to Mom's house and Mamaw's farm. The family was all there in full force and we had a great day.

I think my FB status from that night does a good job of summing up the day....TV tells me that maybe somewhere there are Christmas gatherings with fancy clothes, fine wine and beautiful crystal place settings. They also probably have no screaming kids, helicopter injuries, moonshine or blind old dogs with freaky paw deformities. But that wouldn't be my family, whom I love them just the way they are. Another great holiday on the farm

We started at Mom's for lunch, lot of homemade candy and the first round of kid presents. 

Mom usually fills her table with finger foods and we kind of stand around it all day. 

Jeremy had been at the healm of buying Mark and Bob some really cool remote control helicopters for the menfolk and kids spent a good amount of time in the backyard. 

Super Charley was all smiles until he got whacked in the lip with a helicopter. I blame Jeremy. 

Both kids were excited about cowboy boots. I could be too if I could ever fit my special needs foot into a pair again. Sigh. Maybe someday. I even wrote a blog once about my favorite pair...but alas they have been donated in the wake last year's foot surgery. 

Oh well, at least my kids can be cool and  have a pair. 

When we got out to the farm, Tessa and Charley put on a little dance show they had made up to some of our old PMO cantata music. This was all their doing, even the props. It got good reviews.

Charley was a shepherd and waited for the part of the song where the shepherds arise and find the baby in the manger. We used our Jesus snow globe.

After the big show, big food!

And a few more presents.

You know, when  you're the one guy at the party with a good pocket knife WILL be put to work on those toy packages. 

I think Jeremy and Eva have the best approach to watching the kids open presents. Stay away from the action and drink wine. I like it. 

As always it was hard to get all 7 on the couch for a good picture. Some day they'll be bigger and will sit so quietly and nicely for a picture that we will miss these crazy days. Right? 

Spider man hard at work on his spider spreadsheets. 

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