Thursday, December 06, 2012

Nutcracker 2012

Saturday we took the kids to Butler University to see The Nutcracker ballet. It was Charley's first time and Tessa's second. I'm hoping that this will become a yearly tradition because it's fun and cultural as well as nice and cheap. And the cool thing is that it's performed by all Butler students and local youth, who are REALLY good.

I was a little worried about Charley being squirrely but he did pretty well for a 3 year old at the ballet. He talked a little, asking me who's DAT?? And, where's da BIG nut-cacker? But he wasn't too loud. And he climbed up and down on my lap as well but that's to be expected from a kid his age. 

They had watched it twice on Netflix the week before so I think it helped that Charley knew what to expect, and that the character would be dancing and not talking, etc.

Mikey the Monkey got to meet our band of Nutcrackers.

On the morning of the show, these guys were hiding somewhere in the house waiting to surprise the kids. Kind of like the Easter Bunny, but with Nutcrackers. 

Charley was VERY excited to finally have his own big one. ($10 at Target, much much cheaper than the ones they sell at the show...but also his arm broke off before the day was over)

Last year we went by ourselves, but this year Mom and Dad joined us!

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