Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Cookie Project, Recipe 13- Darker than Dark

Last week when we were in Boulder, we visited our favorite spice store and stocked up on some good stuff. While shopping Jeremy stumbled upon this...

It's a super dark chocolate powder, hence the title of 'black onyx'.

We all know I'm not a big chocolate fan, and definitely not of dark chocolate. Something about that bitter flavor just turns me off. Jeremy however, was like a blood hound sniffing out a find.

He has a business meeting today and asked if I would use the black onyx in my chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipe for him to take along. My cookies have become a regular staple at his meetings...I'm like the modern day June Cleaver, except Ward didn't have to deal with airport security.

Anyway, I just used the recipe from last time and subbed in 1/3 of the cocoa with the black onyx. The lady at Savory told us not use it on it's own. It was to be mixed with regular cocoa or the cookie won't rise. She did suggest using it straight in a flourless chocolate cake to which I said...bleck.

Doesn't it look like potting soil?

Here's the black onyx on the bottom and regular old Hershey's on top. Note the difference in color!

For good measure I added some little valentine hearts to each cookie. Packed the tupperware up tight for the plane ride and sent Jeremy on his way. He said they were very good. I myself wasn't interested in tasting them.


phasejumper said...

Whoa-it is very dark! I aspire to be June Cleaver...or the best grandma ever (I've got a couple more years before that, though)!

Stephany said...

I don't know how I'm friends with you, you non-chocolate loving fool. Remind me not to go to the Hershey Spa with you for chocolate body soaks and scrubs... :) Me, I would have eaten ALL Of those cookies - the darker the chocolate the better!

Anonymous said...

Your spice shop has all sorts of fun stuff. Next time you go, bring me back some honey powder :)