Thursday, February 03, 2011

Charley's Party

Charley's 2nd birthday party was last Saturday, and we had a houseful. Enjoy the pics!

Mamaw and Papaw got Charley a trike. He loved it and so did Tessa!
Ronda and family
Notice Tessa's custom embroidered dino shirt?

Bill and Ashley, expecting a new baby in their house any day now.

Aunt Jessie flew out for the weekend! I keep trying to talk her into moving into our guest room but so far she hasn't bitten.

Blowing out his candles on the dino cake and then freaking out when I took it away to cut it up. I think he thought the whole thing was for him.

It was Becky's birthday too so we made her the snowflake cake. No candles though, so she had to blow out our butane lighter.

Baby Aviana, inching up on 1 year old!
Jeremy helping Charley open presents while simultaneously avoiding being eaten alive by preschoolers.
Tessa and her little friend Brinnli testing out Charley's new blanket. Brinnli's mom is the one I did wine and canvas with!

Every crowd needs a drummer boy.

Charley finally got some boy dress up clothes! Thanks Mom-mom and Pop for the dino cape and pirate costume.


phasejumper said...

Looks like a blast! Love the custom shirt, Jeremy beaten eaten alive by preschoolers and the costumes. The little drummer boy is adorable!

TLS said...

It was fun! :)