Thursday, February 03, 2011

Ice Bound- day #3

We are on the third day of being stuck inside from the ice storm. Luckily nobody has lost their mind just yet. Unless making crowns out of playdoh counts.

For us being iced in means no dance class, no babysitting Rachel and Josh, no preschool for Tessa and no creative movement class for Charley.

Just sitting at home and playing, trying not to watch TOO much tv (although the storm have allowed the kids to experience two new movies...Back to the Future and the Wizard of Oz. And I watched a movie I had never seen The Outsiders).

We've played school and done art. These kind of activities would be more fun if Charley would do them for more than 5 minutes at a time. I've gotten into printing a 'weekly printable pack' from for Tessa to help learn her letters. She really likes them.

Charley's also been playing with all his new birthday toys including a trike and big box of hot wheels. Erin- please tell Tim that his old hot wheels went to a good home and are well loved!
I asked Jeremy to help us build a fort in the living room and he was surprisingly not into it (perhaps we caught him during a busy moment?). He threw a sheet over two chairs and I decided that just wouldn't do so this here is MY remodel!

That collapsable tube? ...great for everything...tents, water slides, fort entrances, or also just standing inside of and dancing around.

The good news is that our insanity is about to finally be broken by flying out of here to go see Jeremy's folks in CO. I'm praying they can thaw out the airport!

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