Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Charley's 4th Birthday- The Tape Track

This is one of those ideas that was so simple, but I never would have thought of it if it weren't for Pintrest. I was trying to think of a game or activity we could do at Charley's party (aside from play with the train table) and came across this.

It was fun and the kids liked it, and because I'm not great at planning pin-the-tail-on-something type games, I loved it's simplicity. Painters tape track!

Of course I can say simple because I wasn't the one on my hands and knees laying it down the night before the party...but I was up making cake with Erin until 1:30. Let's just say Jeremy had a knee ache the next day.

Who needs a pinata? 

Jeremy even made a train station over by our toy area, and we pulled out all our ride on toys. The toy cabinet was also full of fire trucks, tractors and other assorted wheeled items. 

And everyone enjoyed it.

If it weren't for fear of hurting the carpet, I would have voted to leave it up for several week...but alas, it's gone now. We did leave it up for Monday's small group meeting so the kids could have one more crazy race night on it, and then utilized all those tiny little hands in the deconstruction process.

But you know, next time we're bored or snowed in...this might show up again.

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