Sunday, January 27, 2013

Charley's 4th Birthday- The Cake

Mom took pictures yesterday of Charley's 4th Birthday party and then sent me about a million good pics to sort through. To make it easier, I'm going to break it down into several posts.

The Lionel train table that Jeremy built was pretty darn exciting, but I think Erin's cake tied for the award of awesome achievement this year. She really outdid herself with the coolness. I think she should go on cake boss...the non-fondant edition.

The night before these parties, Erin always comes over and we destroy the kitchen. She is creative genius and I'm in charge of setting her up, assisting her, washing dishes, and making drinks. Sometimes I make something cool like a tree or lump of coal. That's my wheelhouse.

Why no pictures of the cake making? Because we're usually pretty dang busy and have icing on our fingers. This year we were done at about 1:30am.

Since trains and railroads was the theme, we made an old fashioned locomotive. Everything on this puppy was edible except the popsicle sticks and paper signs. The grass was coconut, the gravel made out of white chocolate chips, the tracks out of kit kats and the trees out of upside down sugar cones. 

It was all delicious and the kids LOVED it.

Erin used loaf pans to make the train cars, and artfully carved the first one to be the engine. The smokestacks were iced rice krispy treats. And my favorite part was the smoke, made out of popcorn and wire by me at an hour way past midnight. 

The CBR stood for Charley Bennington Railroad, and the 444 was an obvious nod to his birthday. 

It was nearly too pretty to chop up and eat but we did. That's what cakes are for right? 

What I really should take a picture of sometime is how we always manage to cover these things with plastic wrap to keep them moist overnight. Let's just say that this year there were 8 tall wine glasses involved. 

There's the cake goddess herself, enjoying her celebrity status at our birthday parties. Funny, she only had ice cream and no cake. Too much of a good thing? 

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