Friday, February 08, 2013

Hand Tat with a Mustache

I just noticed today that I haven't blogged anything in almost two weeks. That may be an all time record for me. I guess my only fair defense is that there's been a lot of personal distractions and happenings...and plus, the kids have been pretty boring lately. Well that's not entirely true. I mean life is never TRULY boring around here.

But Mom's brain has been other places. That's true.

One exciting thing is that yesterday we got a nice delivery in the mail from my cousin Amanda which included a belated birthday present, some stickers and hand tatoos. Charley is in love with these.

I think the tail part was supposed to wrap onto his thumb but you know...litttle hands are hard to manipulate. It's still pretty dang cute.

I wonder why I don't see more REAL hand tattoos. I think it should catch on.

On a side note, why are mustaches EVERYWHERE all the sudden? It's a like a whole fad or something. Which reminds me, we have a Mustached Speller who has been visiting the house periodically to help Tessa with spelling words. He has a mustache, hat, British accent and catchphrase. He's also a Shhhh, don't tell.  But more on that another time.

Back to couch to have a glass of wine with the husband.

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