Saturday, February 09, 2013


Ever since Charley moved into a big full size bed (with a train table underneath), Tessa has been living with some serious bed envy. Her twin bed is a perfectly nice hand me down that she's slept in since she was 18 months old, but you know...his is BIGGER! And the rod iron head and foot boards make it seem FANCIER.

So she started asking for 'sleepovers' almost immediately. And I said yes but not on school nights, for fear of late night Tom-foolery and bad sleeping habits.

But they actually sleep together really well. We're suddenly much less likely to hear Tessa have a bad dream or whine and cry in the night, with her brave brother by her side.

So weekends turned into weeknight and that turned into every night. And at the moment they are officially roommates and like it that way.

They usually sleep on nicely on their pillows but last night we found them like this at about 11pm. Not sure what happened here. I have a theory that Tessa got up to go potty and never made it fully back to her spot.

(this was taken with the night setting on my's actually pitch dark)

Until they protest, I think we'll just leave it this way. Happy well rested kids in the morning, one less bed to make and no more bed envy. And it's pretty cute too.

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