Friday, February 22, 2013

My Cookie Project- Chocolate Chip Surprise

Yes, I still bake cookies from time to time, just not as often as when I made it a whole household project and everything. Basically I was teaching myself to bake back then, while simultaneously sugaring up my kids. One batch of cookies per week or so. It worked really, because whipping up 3 dozen cookies for the school carnival is like no big deal to me now.

Immersion baking education, bad for the waistline.

I was going to do our awesome dark chocolate cookie, which are always a hit, but found out too late that I didn't have any cocoa powder. Crucial. Ooops.

I had the stuff for chocolate chip but wanted them to not be boring, so we added some of these chocolate candy things that come in a milk straw.

We had a few of these left from Christmas and the kids haven't used them much for their milk (note- they get clogged easily and make it difficult to enjoy). So we cut these puppies open and added them. Basically they are small chocolate sprinkles.

They added a nice little crunch to the finished project. I hope the people eating them realize that that's intentional and not a stray egg shell.

The other good thing about all that baking I did long ago is that the kids are pretty good at it and used to helping in the kitchen sometimes.

I give them a scoop and they roll it into nice shaped balls. 

See that peppery affect? That's those crunchy chocolate sprinkles. I need to think of what other fun unexpected things I can add to a chocolate chip cookie, cause they certainly are easy.

I mean, assuming we have the ingredients on hand, it's only like a 15-20 minute time investment. I guess I always thought baking was a lot harder than that. Sometimes it is.

Packaged up and ready for the winter carnival, 3 dozen cookies. No sweat.

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