Thursday, February 14, 2013

Simple Store-Bought Valentines Day

Last year we got crafty and made some awesome homemade Valentine cards. Heck, we even mailed them to far away relatives. Those were cute and actually pretty easy, but this year we ended up keeping it simple. Sometimes simple is good.

Heck I didn't even get the cards and candy. I got the candy that you can write directly on. Oh yeah. 

Tessa did her whole class herself and it took well over an hour. But she did it!

This morning, the fam woke up to some lovely store bough treats at the breakfast table. It's interesting how quickly and quietly they consumed their food and without complaint. Maybe breakfast should always have dessert? 

Tessa wore some pretty pink stuff and asked put her hair in curlers last night so it was extra fancy.

I'm not going to lie. Every time I see her pink cowgirl boots, I have a small pang of boot envy. Sigh. My stupid foot. Maybe someday I'll pay to be fitted for some boots that actually fit. But for now I'm just jealous.

Tessa's school kept it pretty low key, but I visited Charley's preschool to help out with their big valentine's party. In the course of an hour, they passed out cards, made paper valentines, decorated cookies and consumed copious amounts of sugar.

I love preschool classes. They're always entertaining and crazy and fun. And sometimes kids eat their glue sticks, whatever.

Oh man, somebody took my pictures too. Dang!

See the ever so slight fade in his eye? Mid day nap and sugar crash are immanent. A little over an hour later he would find himself in his room in time out yelling "I want more CANDY!" until he gave up and settled for some sliced cheese.

Cereal boxes make awesome Valentine's backpacks

And that's pretty much it. I was surprised to find roses when I got home. Not surprised that Jeremy is that nice, but just that he remembered Vday at all. It's not usually very bright on our radar screen. I'm feeling kind of yucky tonight so ramen soup and early bedtime are going to make for a less than romantic ending to the day.

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