Thursday, July 05, 2007

Another New Toy

....well not 'new' but new to us! It sure is nice to have older cousins :) Here are some pics of Tessa with her newest discovery- her walker. She mostly likes to look at the toys but her enjoyment only last 10-15 min max (enough time to do dishes)

I wish I could say we had an eventful 4th and have pics to show but no. Still recovering from our colds, Jeremy and I stayed home, made zucchinni muffins for our neighbors and shot off about 10 minutes worth of fireworks in our driveway.

To answer any questions on whether she's actually walking in the walker, see below....

Hayden would like to remind everyone she's not the only cute one around here (Yes he spends about 80% of every day under a blanky)

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Stephany said...

That's about how we spent our 4th - I cleaned all day, Adam worked in the basement. Send me your recipe for Zucchini Muffins Please!

Miss you guys!

And when Tessa is ready for her first trip to the beach - remember us in RI (the Ocean State!!!)