Monday, July 16, 2007

Back Home Again

** disclaimer- yes there are pictures from our trip but they are being held hostage on Jeremy's computer which is at the moment on an airplane again. Stay tuned**

Well we had a great trip to CA last week but are happy to be back home in sweltering humidity of the Midwest. Tessa did great on all of the plane rides. She mostly slept and was a giant car read. I was nervous about nursing her on the plane and around town in CA but we are old pros now. Most of the time people don't even realize what I'm doing.

Jeremy worked all week and Tessa and I mostly hung out. We had a nice little apartment style hotel room with a kitchenette, and it was so nice to have a maid and not worry about cooking, cleaning, gardening or dogs. How relaxing!...and great to spend time with Tess without a big to-do list looming overhead.

We saw some of our old friends- spent most of Sunday with Dean and Diane (our old minister and his wife) catching up and realizing how much we missed them! While at their house we saw Hayden's old wiener dog girlfriend Abby who was sad we hadn't brought him along.

Tuesday Jeremy took Tessa and I to see Stephanie- my old co-worker and friend who now lives in Sausalito. She works at two different bed and breakfasts along the coastal highway north of San Francisco. So we drove up there- beautiful! We saw the ocean, stopped and shopped in a little beach town, found a mysterious hidden hippy comune, vistited her workplaces, and landed in Sausalito again for dinner at one of my fave restaurants- E&O Trading Co.

The rest of the week was mostly spent relaxing, shopping, driving around to see our old haunts, and visiting restaurants I've missed.

So we're settled back in and Jeremy is off again on another business trip. Today I am staining our new outdoor rocky chair and painting bookshelves for Tessa's room. Speaking of her- she just woke up in the other room and is screaming so I better run!

Pictures coming soon!! :)

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