Saturday, July 21, 2007 from our CA trip!

Pictures of our flying adventures which went REALLY well!

We had a nice hotel room with a kitchenette and living room. We hung out there alot while Jeremy worked.
I think she's telling me the hotel sheets are alot cleaner than the ones at home

We ate a few of our favorite CA restaurants we missed. Yes that's a chopstick in her hand

We spent a day with my friend Stephanie who works at two hotels on the ocean in Sausalito. It was a beautiful day if not a little chilly...which is normal for Northern CA. No bikinis up here!

The Pelican Inn where Steph works, and below a room inside

.....which is walking distance from Muir Beach where Tessa saw the ocean!

..and horses!

And this is what the Golden Gate bridge looks like most mornings....

We also spent a day with our friend Diane from our old church. She loved on Tessa and threatened to steal her. At her house we saw Hayden's old wiener dog girlfriend Abby

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