Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home for a Bit

Can you believe it's almost Christmas? Only a week left- ack! So much to do still! I guess since we have been vacationing in CA and Seattle the time has slipped away from me. We had a great time. In CA Tessa and I mostly relaxed and shopped, etc while Jeremy was at work. It was really nice to just hang out with no housework, laundry or dogs to worry about!

We had a great visit in Seattle with Jeremy's sister and her family including our new nephew Zack. I am totally deliquent because I forgot the camera, and I'm not sure if Carrie took any pics or not. Whoops :( I think Vicki, who's 4, found Tessa alot more entertaining this time. She likes to roll around and squeal and Vicki liked squealing back at her.

Right after Christmas we are heading to CO to celebrate New Years with Jeremy's family so it's a busy travel month for the babe!

And now I would like to give a shout out to Hayden Elem where I know I have many very faithful blog readers, including a classroom full of 4th graders. They were recently recognized as a blue ribbon school! I went down today to pick up the dogs who were weary from a long week at their Mamaw's house, and her classroom on the way. Everyone loved seeing Tessa.

Tessa is pretty close to crawling. She can 'army crawl' by pulling herself with her hands, and she can also get into this position below. I think it's time to baby proof!
Of course Monkey went along, who is now famous in his own right

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