Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yay It's Here!

Merry Christmas to us!

At the beginning of 2007 when we set the budget we decided that NO extra money (bonuses, stocks, etc) would be spent on frivilousity....no new appliances or housewares, no 'toys', no unplanned vacations, etc. We've actually done pretty well (with the exception of our riding lawnmower that our moving neighbors sold us for an awesome price).

Well with almost three weeks left in the year I guess we didn't make it cause look at our new fridge! The old one had a broken icemaker and would only get moderately cold, so it now resides in the garage.

Jeremy found a 20% off appliance sale at Sears on 'black friday' so it was apparently a steal. The thing I'm excited about is the extra freezer space, especially since I've been making and freezing alot of baby food. So the garage freezer will be dedicated to freezing prepared meals like lasagna and marinated meats, in order to be more organized and maybe even save some on the grocery budget. How domestic of me huh?

With the 20% off appliance sale Jer couldn't help but throw in a dishwasher too. Now this is even more excited because our dishwasher has been on the fritz for a while but actually stopped disolving detergent about two weeks ago. It still hasn't been delivered but I am very excited about it!

So today at the grocery I didn't have to buy a bag of ice for once....yay!

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Stephany said...

Hey Laura! You did so well with the budget! I'm sure having a child helps moderate too on the spending front!

And those are so not frivolous purchases - they were necessities. Now if you need some recommendations on doing the freezing thing for meals and meats and such - I'm your gal - we keep our chest freezer in the basement stocked and it really cuts grocery prices all year!