Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tale of a Monkey

So Mom thinks I should write a children's book series about Tessa and her adventures, and my friend CA Stephanie (as opposed to RI Stephany) is writing a sitcom based on my everyday is that to say that our lives are entertaining? I'm not really sure...but I do know that Steph's premise is about all of the clumsy and stupid things I do everyday so there you go.

Anyway a possible book topic could be about the day that Monkey was almost permanently lost at the mall in California.....

So Tessa has a brown courderoy monkey named Monkey who goes everywhere with her. He has magnet hands so he sticks to the stroller, carseat or highchair. His tail and hands are all hard and grossed from being lovingly sucked to death.

Two days ago I was hanging out here at the mall in San Jose, waiting for my friend CA Stephanie to meet me for lunch. After a long time shopping I finally got a call from Steph saying she was in 15 min parking outside and we could drive to local sushi place for lunch. Now this is a BIG mall. Big enough that they give you a map when you enter so that you don't get lost.

After about 7-10 minutes of walking to get down to the door where Stephanie was I noticed that Tessa was squealing and hollering alot. Normally she's so quiet in her stroller and just plays with her has no toys. Where's MONKEY? Oh no.

I call Steph and tell her to wait in her spot, I have to backtrack and look for Monkey. I retraced my steps to Lane Bryant where I had been in the dressing room (yes I'm plus sized- get over it). I looked under racks of clothes, all along the ground, I looked on the dressing room Monkey. I felt kinda silly leaving my phone number with the cashier but given her fellow mother empathy she insisted she would keep an eye open.

Let me take a moment to say that Monkey is a cheap toy, probably less that $5 and has no real value other than his ability to make Tessa smile. He even has a French cousin that Jeremy brought back from Paris named Le Monkey.

Steph was still waiting in 15 minute parking so I pick up the pace. But of course I can't walk very fast because I am wearing shoes that are one size too big. Why? Because they were like $12 at Meijers and they didn't have my size so I bought a 10 instead of 9....yes I am just that cheap. How could I pass up that price for such cute shoes? Everytime I try to walk fast the come flying off, so I am waddling as fast as I can back to the door. I had JUST gotten out the door when Lane Bryant called...we have your monkey!

I tried calling Steph to tell her to look for another spot because we had to go back but she didn't answer. This was getting serious now, even if Steph had to re-park, like a soldier in combat I was NOT leaving a man behind. Waddle waddle as fast as I could back to the store while Tessa squealed and screamed in her stroller. I think the grief of her loss was starting to hit her. Until we arrived at Lane Bryant and there he was...Monkey!

That's basically the end of the story. This whole affair took about 30 minutes running around the huge mall and I probably looked like a crazy person waddled around and helplessly apologizing to my 8 month old (who obviously doesn't speak English) for losing her best friend.

Other than that our trip to CA is going fine. Tessa and I have just been hanging out while Jeremy works. Tomorrow we head to Seattle to see Jeremy's sister and our new nephew Zack.

And lastly I wanted to say congrats again to my cousin Eva for her awesome performance in her final PMO Christmas Show *sniff*. I totally remember how weird it is to dedicate so much time and hard work to this event over the years and then just move on at the end of senior year. I'm not sure non-PMO alum can fully understand the feeling of performing for 25,000 people every year. We went to her last show on Sunday and Jeremy and I got to go onstage with other alumni during the audience carol sing and pretend like we were big stuff.

The starlett and her crazy old cousin after the show. And Tessa stayed with one of her favorite babysitters, Blythe, I hear they had a good time.

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