Tuesday, February 19, 2008

10 Month Birthday

Can you believe we're thinking about a 1st brithday party coming up soon? Wow. Tess turned 10 months yesterday. Below are a couple of pics.

According to the weekly email I receive from babycenter, at 10 months Tessa will start understanding alot more words, even if she can't talk. So it suggests talking to her alot more during the day and using descriptive words like... would you like your blue sippy cup with water in it? I like talking to her during the day when Jer's not here, helps with the lonlieness. But I've been pretty inconsistent with the baby sign language. Oh well, I think she'll still be brilliant.

Also on our horizon is the start of weaning from nursing, which we'll do at around a year. I need to whip out my breastfeeding book so I can learn the best way it should be done. I'm not really sure. Any tips?? Right now she still nurses 4-5 times a day, and nurses to sleep at night. I assume that bedtime feeding will be the hardest to cut out since it's such a comfort thing.

I will actually be sad to give it up, even after all this time, you'd think I would be sick of it. But it's nice, it's really the only time all day she sits quietly on my lap without squirming. But alas she can't stay on tap all her life. Boo hoo my little baby is growing up.


Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,

When I stopped nursing, my doctor advised me to drop a feeding a week. That will get her used to it as well as your body gradually. You can also pump and give her bottles, then drop a pumping a week until you're done, and just supplement any extra milk until you switch her to cow's milk.

Jennifer Welker

Stephany said...

When Christi weaned brian from nursing - night was the hardest and she heard that she should have her husband start doing the evening bed time bottle feed - it takes away the association of mommy, boob, and food.

Andey Layne said...

Maybe you'll get lucky- my son weaned himself at 10 1/2 months. I think he decided that there were too many fun things to do to be stuck to my boob. He prefered to carry a cup around with him. Also- if you can aviod it, don't switch to a bottle, go straight to the cup. Saves sooo much headache. Daughter was a bottle baby after six weeks (stupid bc pill) and weaning her off that wretched thing was a nightmare.