Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting Close...

...To walking that is. Tessa can definitely walk with a little help and I think she's not to far off from the real thing. Below are a couple of pics from our visit to the farm yesterday. Tessa loved Mamaw's bbq chicken and potatos, and pigged out!

Trying hard to walk with help from Mom and Dad

She has no trouble pulling up to standing, and can do it very easily nowadays

A 'vintage' toy that used to be Andy and I's, cleaned up especially for Tess

Playing with Ashley

And finally so sleepy after a big day

I saw some pics today that were sent from Jeremy's sister in Seattle and they were outside playing at a park with no coats on!! I'm so jealous. Don't get me wrong, I do like winter more than most people but I think we are getting a little cabin fever around here, especially since Jeremy's been gone. I would love to go to the park!...but 5 degree weather isn't condusive to that.

We did buy some seeds at Menards on sale this weekend and are going to go ahead and start some pots of herbs inside (to be moved out in the spring) that's kinda fun. In honor of our 5 year anniversary we are going to plant a couple of grapevines outside and Jeremy's pretty happy about that. We won't get much off of it but enough to make a little wine and jelly hopefully.

The other exciting news around here is the anticipation of our new stove. You know how Bush wants to stimulate the economy by giving us money? Well even though Jeremy insists he is against the stimulus program, he is like a schoolboy waiting for his new stove. Our current one is electric but we had enough money left over to plumb it for gas, so there are a couple guys here today finishing that up. I don't really have a preference, but Jeremy couldn't be happier about finally cooking with gas again. Why not wait until May when we get the check from the prez?...15% of president's day sale at Sears!

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Anonymous said...

We went to great lengths to add a gas stove during remodel #2. I just love it.

Love the pics of Tessa. She is going to be walking soon :-)

Went skiing this morning with Jerry Londal. 13" of powder at Eldora...woopee!