Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines!

Well Tessa and I are having a low key Valentines day, which is okay cause we don't really celebrate it around here. Jeremy is in Switzerland right now and I am recovering from a cold, so I was just happy to get out of the house for the first time all week and go to WW and walmart (yes Jeremy has lifted his walmart boycott by the way, don't ask me why).

I just have a little cold but just like when I was pregnant it is impossible to shake because I can't take very many drugs while breastfeeding. I can't wait for the day I can take a decongestant- woohoo!

One good thing I can say about being sick and alone with a baby is that Tessa is a good sleeper so I can go to bed early! Lately she's been going to bed at about 7:15ish and waking up at 5-6 to nurse, snoozing some more until 7:30 or so when she really wakes up. I really can't complain about that!

Tessa and I did pick up a Valentine's feast while we were out, the boneless buffalo chicken salad from Chili's. Well Tessa just at the blue cheese crumbles, I ate the rest. Mmmm.... We got a break in the cabin fever yesterday when Mom spent the day with us. They had an early flight this morning to FL for a conference so stayed at my house, but Mom also had a snow day so she started her vacation early by spending the day with us!
And we are also dogsitting Maggie and Moose. It didn't take them very long to figure out who drops the cheerios around here

And lastly I thought I'd share this little video. Moosie is, well, special and he likes to howl at himself alot. Tessa and Hayden were apparently stumped by this behavior

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Stephany said...

oh my gosh how cute, her smile with the puppies is priceless... she loves her little fur buddies.