Friday, February 29, 2008

A Tiny Taste of Spring

Guess what? Instead of doing our normal post nap routine (Tessa watched 30min of baby einstein while I ride my stanionary bike)...we went for a walk! Yes a walk outside!

It's a beautiful day today, probably in the 50's, so we seized the opportunity. It was so nice. I know it won't stay this nice for long, but it was just enough of a taste to tide me over a couple weeks.

Below is a video of Tessa babbling to herself. She's figured out that this little space in the entertainment center makes a cool echo. We used to have vases there but now there's some books she can play with which are much more baby friendly and maybe someday educational?

I thought this was pretty cute...she will stand there and babble like this forever. As always, sorry for the poor camera operation.

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