Saturday, March 01, 2008

Napping Update

I posted a couple of weeks ago how I was going to start sleep training Tessa during naptime cause she was a horrible napper. Well I'm happy to say that afternoons around here are now a happy nappy time!

Like I said before I decided she will spend at least one hour in her crib every afternoon, no matter what. The first few days she cried when I put her in her crib (eventhough had been asleep) but I'm thoroughly surprised at how quickly she caught on. She is now napping everyday for at least 1.5 hrs, sometimes more.

I'm impressed at how responsive she was to this and how much she seems to understand, even at her age. I guess these kind of things just take patience, on the part of the parent that is. I can't even say how nice it is to have a guaranteed break every afternoon to use as I please...sometimes for chores, sometimes for napping or tv time of my own! What a nice relief.


Stephany said...

aren't kids cute when they are sleeping??

BrookZ said...

yeah!!! we have been putting abbey down awake for naps and she has been pretty good about going to sleep...after doing turning all the way around in her crib that is!! i hope this attitude continues!