Sunday, March 30, 2008

Eating on the Road

Hi guys~ Tessa here! I just got back from CA really really late last night (or early this morning.....I dunno I was asleep). I went on trip with my Mommy, Daddy and Mamaw. We had a great time in San Jose and San Francisco while Daddy worked. I don't remember everything that we did but I know that we ate a lot of food.
Good thing I don't have to diet like Mommy, cause I ate everything I could! Mommy says she'll post pics of other things later...but here's some shots of me eating my way through CA....

Look at this guy....a fruit smiley face! He's funny looking but tasty too

Mommy ordered me my very own pancake. I fed some of it to the floor but the doggies weren't there to help me.

I also had my own cheese quesadilla. I liked the mild salsa alot...Mommy wouldn't let me have the hot kind.

I had Japanese food on these funny spoon like things. Oh well, it delivered food to my mouth .

I had Thai food....I sure do like big handfulls of rice and 'angry beef'

Daddy drank something called Limoncello to help his scratchy throat. I wanted to try it but Daddy said it was for grownups.

Look here's Mamaw and Daddy drinking something else that I can't have, no fun.

We watched this man make sourdough bread in San Francisco, then we ate some for breakfast.

We went out with Uncle Colin and Paul, but you see I accidently fell asleep during dinner. They had crepes and I missed it.

I ate pears for breakfast in the hotel. There was no highchair so I got to eat standing up!

Nothing tops off a good meal like a nice plastic straw.

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Stephany said...

Hi Tessa from Miss Stephany in Rhode Island... You sure had a really fun vacation in California... what a good eater you are... mommy and daddy are doing so well with you - soon you'll be asking to eat sushi and crepes all the time!!