Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boo Boos

Here you can clearly see her three bottom teeth as well as a tiny white dot on the top. Also note the fading green bruise on her forhead from when she bonked the entertainment center :-(

I think we've officially entered the phase of the accident prone toddler. Tessa loves pulling herself up on anything and everything, and getting into drawers etc. So at least twice a day she bonks her head, falls down, drops a toy on her head or something like. I guess that's just part of it....her face gets all red and the tears start flowing. Poor babe, I'll have to learn to get used to this as she learns to walk.

We also now have to officially lock the dogs out of the kitchen when she's eating. They have always begged for her food, but now she's started dropping it for them or worse, taunting them with it. Yesterday Hayden jumped up and got something out of her hand and I think nipped her finger a bit, scaring the crap out of her which resulted in BIG tears. So that's the end of that....when she's done eating we let the dogs back in the kitchen to clean up the floor.

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