Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Down on the Farm

Well no not the farm, as in Mamaw's farm, but today we went and visited a farm. We went to Apple Family Farm in McCordsville to check out their store that Jeremy's been interested in. It was way cool. They sell all locally raised pasture fed organic meats in a little house that they have converted into a store (and lending library!) on their farm property.

I was concerned that it would be expensive but was happy to see it wasn't too bad. They also have local cheeses and things, but were unfortunately out of eggs today, which is too bad.

We've been paying a little extra dough to try organic milk and I'm surprised to say it's worth the price (I was skeptical and too cheap). The flavor really is amazing, and I don't think that's just in my head. Anyway, I'm sure Jeremy has alot to say about it on his food blog, but folks local to Indy might want to check them out: http://www.applefamilyfarm.com/

While at the farm Tessa was really taken my a cat with no tail who greeted us in the driveway. I think she was trying to figure out what was wrong with this particular puppy.

To complete our country experience we had lunch at Cracker Barrel where Tessa chowed on pieces of roast beef, green beans, mushrooms and biscuit. Well and I guess Mommy chowed on those things too :)

The icing on Tessa's day was the purchase of her new sippy cup that has a straw. She was happier than a pig in...well you know. I have a cup with a straw I drink water out of and she loves it and is always begging to suck on it. So now she has her own! Unfortunately it made for some fussiness at dinner as I had to take it away from her so she would eat, but we'll adjust.

Sorry there are no pics. The farm folks would have thought we were real city folk weirdos had we pulled up with camera. Only Mom would do that.

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