Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tessa Talk

People ask me alot if Tess is talking yet. The answer is of course yes! In conventional English?...no. She has her own language though, which I've become quite versed in. I guess my fluency comes from being around her 24/7.

Her most commonly used 'words':

Da Da or Dee Dee= happy noises, letting your know she's having fun or likes what you're doing, likes the toy she's playing with, etc

Shoosh or Sheesh= usually wispered to herself I think this means she's thinking or exploring. I'd like to think that this is her making mental notes to herself tracking the movement of the dogs, the function of her toys, new things she's sees while in the walker

Huh-Dye= I'm not sure but I think this is her way of saying 'hello'...she says this alot when I pick her up, and every day when we say good morning to the dogs

Nay Nay Nay= This is reserved exclusively for being upset or mad....like being strapped in the carseat, put down for a nap, having something cool like a webcam pried out of her hand. The nay is usually accompanied with crying, and often only a step away from a scream

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Jeremy said...

I miss my Tessa....nay nay nay.