Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Pics

Hi all ~ Happy Belated Easter! We are actually in CA right now tagging along with Jeremy on a business trip. And since she is on spring break, Mom is with us. Mom, Tessa and I have been having a great time while Jeremy works. Today Tess had her first trip to a Children's Museum where she hung out in a special crawling room for babies. Stay tuned next week for lots of pictures from our trip. For now, lots of pictures from Easter!

These were all taken at Mamaw's farm where we had a big dinner and egg hunt for the kiddos. In the morning we went to church and Jeremy sang. After a full week of being sick, it was great to finally have a beautiful day out!....then later that night it snowed!

The kids out hunting eggs

Tess loves making funny faces with Mommy

...and eating Peeps with Dad

Our Family on Easter. If I were on my home computer I would dig up our Easter pic from last year when I was 37 wks pregnant!

Spilt eggs...the aftermath of running with a full basket

Tessa was happy to the let the big kids fight over eggs. She had two eggs and a Papaw, all that a girl really needs.

4 generations

Two girls in pretty dresses hunting eggs

She was really happy about putting the eggs in a basket. She's really into putting things in containers.

The tribe preparing for a big hunt

By special request from my friend Rachel...more pictures of Bob!

And let's not forget baby David...coming in two months

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Stephany said...

What a fabulous Easter you had! I can't believe how far along Becky is!

You miss look Ab Fab by the way! You've lost so much weight!

You and Tess and J need to plan a beach trip to RI!