Friday, March 21, 2008

A (sorta) Good Friday

Happy Good Friday all!

Well I am on day four of the stomach flu and finally went to urgent care this morning...who weren't very helpful. But my regular doc finally hooked me up with some meds I could take while nursing. I took them several hours ago and am finally feeling better and was able to eat.

A BIG THANKS to Mom who took her day off to come up and take care of me and Tessa. She certainly has a way with those crackers.

Poor Tessa has been cooped up since Monday but has been hanging out with Jer alot which she likes. We missed her first library storytime class and our play date with baby Abbey but she didn't seem to mind and was happy to occupy herself with her push car, toys and Yo Gabba Gabba. Since no one has been cooking around here she also discovered some new treats that she likes like mac and cheese and Arby's roast beef.

Back to normal life soon I hope. Looking forward to a nice Easter complete with Mamaw's cooking!

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