Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy 5th Anniversary

5 Years Later....

Showing off her new sippy cup with a straw
Do I look relaxed here...this is shortly after my massage and mani/pedi :)

Well yesterday was a wonderful day....our 5 year anniversary, can you believe it?...and Jeremy cooked up some nice plans for us. In the morning he dropped me off at Robert's salon and day spa and I didn't know what for. He had given me a gift card for my birthday back in June but I never made time to use it. But yesterday he scheduled me for a massage and mani/pedi. I was there for three hours!

It was very very nice. The masseuse noted which side she thought I carried Tessa on (and she was right) and worked out all kinds of kinks. Also my toes are all ready for spring- yay! On the way home we picked up salads at Chili's and Mom was at our house ready to babysit. We hung out at home and Jeremy worked on the garden, preparing for our mulch delivery this week. He readied the area for his grapevines (which we can't plant until May) and planted our garlic and asparagus bulbs, as well as pansies in the flower pots.

We took off again at 5 for a quick stop at Kahn's wine store. Since we don't get there much Jeremy bought three cases of wine, while I was happy with my $9 bottle of Cinzano! I didn't know where we were going to for dinner but when we landed in the trendy neighborhood of Broad Ripple I knew it would be good.

Jeremy had found a cute little restaurant called L'Explorateur tucked away in an old house. Long story short it was AMAZING, probably the best meal I've had since our little NYC dining tour last Feb. I'm sure Jeremy will write about it on his food blog.

At the end of our night we were too late for the comedy club down the street, but too tired anyway so we came home. What a wonderful day!! And Mom reports that Tessa was a good babe and ate dinner well and went to bed on time. When we got home she was fast asleep.

I wanted to share this great video. Our friend Traci lent us this little push behind car that her daughter doesn't play with anymore. Tessa loves it...look at her walk!


Stephany said...

What a wonderful 5th anniversary you had! Adam and I were thinking about you guys yesterday and hoping you were doing someting wonderful.

Here's to another happy and wonderful 5, 10, 15, 20 and many more years!

Anonymous said...

aahhhhh!!! i'm missing walking...NOOOO!! you guys need to come up and visit! miss you all...hope your feeling better. aunty erin :)