Friday, March 07, 2008


Hi all! Well I just have a couple of updates on recent happenings here.

Yes Jeremy does in fact have food poisoning in Korea so keep the good thoughts and prayers coming for him! I haven't talked to him since yesterday but hopefully that means he is resting. A hotel doctor came and gave him a shot and lots of meds.

What did he eat? No not squid or anything, just some pizza with ham on it. He is flying home tomorrow and will be home in time to sing with me in the church talent show. He'll have to muster up that ol' PMO 'the show will go on' mentality cause we're singing!

As for Tessa's bday present, thanks for all your awesome input! I have decided we will get her the fish for her bday, and save the kitchen for next Christmas. I think outside stuff is the way to go for this summer.

Thanks to RI Steph (as opposed to CA Steph or IN Steph) for turning me onto freecycle. How cool! Have you guys heard about this? It's basically like an online garage sale except no money is give away some stuff you don't want, and take others stuff for free. Awesome! Just google freecycle and you can find your town/county. Now I'm looking for stuff to give away...

Lastly I thought you'd like this video of Tess eating dinner. Note that about 50% of her food lands in her mouth. She is eating pasta tossed up with parsley and olive oil. The black specks are olives, the white specks are cheese.

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