Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Amazing Recycling Plant

We have a ton of house plants, probably around 20. There's just something about bringing the outdoors in that make a house feel alive. Okay that kinda sounds like a greeting card, anyway...

Alot of our plants are little mini-me version of two viney guys we have. I call them viney guys cause I still don't know what they are actually called. They're the cheapo hanging variety you find everywhere. You can pick one up at Home Depot for like $7.

Trim a long piece off and put it in water. Find a nice bookshelf or something to set it on until it grows a good set of roots (this is a great way to use old vases and glasses too...anything will work really). Here's one with lots of roots.

Put those roots in some dirt and find a home for your new plant. Like the green pot? Last week it was white and I decided to paint and distress it in an effort to be artsy.

Find one of the two 'mother' viney guys that needs to be trimmed. Like this one that can be reached by little destructive boy hands. Cut some long pieces of vine with leaves on it. This is healthy for the plant too, when the vines are too long they are malnourished and get all lanky looking.

Wash out the vase from before, and put newly cut vine piece in some fresh water and take back to it's home on the bookshelf.

Wait a couple a month or two, rinse and repeat.


Anonymous said...

It is called Pothos. Careful, I think it may be poisonous to cats and dogs.

Jenny said...

The one at the bottom looks like a philodendron. Those also are known to be quite poisonous as well. We have a few of those, too, and we keep 'em up high for sure (and trim them when they get too long).