Friday, July 23, 2010

Lessons Went Swimmingly

Well our 8 days of swim lessons officially ended yesterday and on a high note. After many days of crying Charley finally decided earlier this week that the pool is not so terrifying. There were moments where I would say he even enjoyed himself.

Both kids prefer jumping off the side to the actual swimming part, and both of them were willingly going all the way under the water. Thanks to Mom's assistance this week as my other parent in the pool, Tessa was even floating on her back and kicking. That's what you get for having a former lifeguard for a Mamaw.

On the last day the little kids got to don life jackets and try the water slide and diving board. Tessa remembered that she did the diving board last year and every day she talked about it. When it came time she was a little timid and instead of doing a big jump, was dropped in by a helpful mom.

Needless to stay Charley and I stayed in the pool and watched.
Tessa shooting down the water slide

with the help of the life jacket she even 'swam' by herself
All in all a swimming success! Anyone want to join the petition for a pool in our backyard? :)