Friday, July 31, 2009

Swimmy Class

Tessa started taking swimming class at the city pool this week and it goes through next week as well. It's only 40 minutes long, about all the little guys can really take. She's in the parent/tot class which means one of us has to get in with her. Since I was sick most of the week, Jeremy was up.

We'll be back at it next week and I'm feeling pretty good after some more antibiotics and a new allergy medicine, so I'll be strapping on the suit as well.

Tessa really liked going swimming, although she got cold and cranky a few times. She really liked kicking her feet in the water and has been 'swimming' all over the house.

Getting ready for the first day, telling Charley and Hayden all about what swimming would be like.

This is as close as non-swimming parents are allowed to get, so you just barely see them. Her and Jeremy are on the end, kicking their feet before the got in.

On the day I went, she had finally agreed to put her head under for the first time, and the minute she did they blew the whistle because there was lightening. They instead did water safety class in the locker room but I think that would be over her little head.
Swim Coach
I love her green suit and tried to get her to show it to me for a picture but she was too cold

Charley was there too, learning moves for next summer!

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