Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tooth Doctor

I had a dentist appointment yesterday and just by happen-stance Jeremy had one this morning. When I was there I asked the doc when Tessa should come in for the first time and he suggested she come with Jeremy!

I was sick and in bed this morning, but as promised Jer took pictures. She sat quietly while he had his exam then sat in the big chair herself. All last night we practiced how she would open her mouth for the 'tooth doctor' but I hear that when she got there she wasn't so keen. It apparently was a Cinderella toothbrush that sealed the deal.

Dentist says her teeth look great, keep on brushing!

While Jer and Tess went to the dentist this morning, Charley and I are off to the physicians this afternoon. He has his 6 month well check and they agreed to squeeze me in to discuss allergy meds. I've been sick like the whole month of July...I need drugs! It's been several years since I've taken an allergy prescription, and I guess it's time to start again. A-choo.

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