Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 6th month birthday, Mr. Screamy

Charley is crying right now on his play mat. Why? I'm not holding him. Just like he cried all the way through my dentist appt this afternoon and last night when we were trying to watch Big Brother and Jeremy was holding him. Has to be Mom, has to be all the time.

Because he has to be held it's pretty much impossible for me to do things like, oh...shower, fold laundry, cook dinner, finish the 1/2 stained fence (because Mr. Wii hand can't do it), or pull the 5,000 weeds in our backyard without the constant drone of a crying Charley (which I've pretty much grown acustom to).

When I hold him he lights up like a Christmas tree. I guess I should take that as a compliment.

We have some camera phone pics of our trip to CA but I can't figure out how to get them to here. Mom also has a million pictures of Tessa's visit, Charley's 6 month photos and pics of our garlic braiding project on her fancy camera but her internet is down until at least tomorrow so I can't get those uploaded either.

Tessa is currently at her first swim lesson with Jeremy because my sinus/allergy problem has returned with a vengeance and I didn't feel well enough to take her (even though I shave my legs for the occasion!). So pictures of swim lessons will appear eventually but not tonight.

So I'm sorry to say, dear blog readers that I have no witty stories or fabulous pictures to offer you. My apologies. All I have is a crying baby on the floor.


phasejumper said...

This is my favorite post-I love Big Brother, so funny that you called Jeremy "Wii hand"! My favorite-the whole "even though I shaved my legs for the occasion". Totally hit home!!

Mandy Leahy said...

One of the nice things about having Robbie in daycare since he was 9 weeks old is that he is very good at being handed off to someone else or to play independently on the floor. Now, if he only didn't get sick every few weeks from the germ factory that is daycare and I didn't feel so guilty about not "being there" for him... I guess there are trade offs for everything. Good luck!

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