Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting Warmed Up

Charley started eating his avocado a couple of days ago. He seems to like the actual food well enough, but still doesn't like the idea of us sticking something in his mouth. Since he doesn't take pacis or bottles, I guess it make sense that he is a little freaked out by anything non-boob. But by the fourth day he was starting to get into it, leaning into the spoon for a new bite.

Here's his first of a lifetime of bitesThe bib was a major distraction the first day we by the second day we ditched it until he gets used to eating. He kept trying to chew on it.
By the third day we figured out the highchair was still a little uncomfy for him cause he can't quite sit up, so we used the Bumbo Aunt Jessie provided us! Check out the stud's hair here...and I do mean Charley not Jeremy.

Tessa has been more than happy to clean up anything he leaves behind
Thankfully Jeremy found a replacement glass pitcher for the blender. Good timing...whenever it arrives here I will try Charley on some bananas and sweet potatoes.

This was randomly on my camera and I thought I'd share. The worship team had a dinner and meeting at our house the other night and Miss Jenny was smart enough to bring a parachute game to play while the meeting was going on. Our living room and office were like a preschool. Yes we are a young and fertile church!

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