Monday, July 06, 2009

Triple Appointment

We got back from vacation at the lake last night and while we had fun I guess we are all a little worse for the wear.

I got sick early on in vacation and haven't been able to fight it off because I can't take too much medication while breastfeeding.

Jeremy suffered a wrist injury a couple of weeks ago and it's really bothering him. He insists that this is not a Wii related injury but it's possible that his tenacity while playing the Wii rhythm boxing compounded the issue :)

Poor Tessa dropped a concrete turtle on her toe while we were at the lake. There was lots of blood and screaming and a possibly detached toenail. Just about the time we were ready to cart her off to urgent care, the nurse next door came over and patched her up with a salt water soak, a popcicle and bandages.

So this morning we called our general physician to see all three of us at once. I was surprised that they actually had three appts open at 9am. We were in such a scurry to get there in time (we called at 8:35) that I didn't even get to do my hair or makeup. (gasp!).

The diagnoses were that I have a sinus infection, Jeremy has to have xrays because he might possibly have a fractured wrist and is wearing a brace in the meantime, and while Tessa's toenail has not yet detached it is unclear if it will ever grow back. Yup that's right, there's a possibility Tessa might permanently be minus one toenail. The spot where she dropped it is directly where the nailbed begins, so we just have to wait and see. It doesn't seem to bother her much and it's not broken as I originally feared.

So we're home, just falling apart a little. Little Charley is just fine!

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Stephany said...

oh sweetie what a cruddy end to a good vacation.
just think one less toe nail she'll have to waste polish on!!! :)