Monday, July 20, 2009

My Mantra

Because our family is incapable of doing anything simply like on a trip together, Jeremy hopped an early flight to Chicago in order to catch a phone meeting, and Charley and I are headed to the airport in about an hour or so to fly and meet him so we can all fly to CA together. We got upgraded to first for the long leg of the trip and I'm way more excited than I should be....comfy seat, movie, free wine, NO TODDLER! We could turn around and fly right back and I would be content.

I'm not a person who tends to ever be running late and rushed, so as is my style I am ready way too early and now I'm all anxious to leave. We're packed up, fed, shut down and I've got an hour before leave time. Oh I'm surfing the web!

Yesterday we dropped Tessa off at Mom and Dad's for her first overnighter without Mom and Dad. Reports are she is doing just fine and slept like a champ. She called me this morning to say Mamaw had given her a 'big sticker' for going potty. I've already called like 4 times, and at last report they were shopping at Wal-Mart and Tessa didn't even notice I was missing.

While we were there yesterday Charley got his first pair of Crocs and tried some sweet potato baby food...

While Tessa made herself right at home

On my last post Melissa commented and mentioned that she liked the little mantra I have written on our fridge. It's been there since Tessa was just a tiny babe. I scribbled it down one day when I was feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list and all the things that I couldn't get done by days end. I decided than rather than beat myself up for not accomplishing the to-dos, I should make my daily goals much more simple.

I see it every day but Melissa's reminder about how good it is is a reminder to me as well. Lately I've been tending to revert back to those old ways and dogging on myself when things are left undone.

When I scribbled this down it was off the top of my head, the things I would love to accomplish on a perfect day. I put no restrictions on it....some days 'learn something' means a piece of news I heard on the radio. And while I probably should restrict myself to all or mostly God made food, it just doesn't always happen...but at least eating some is good! Improve my home? Some days it's a deep clean of every room, while other days it's just making sure that flies don't start to buzz around the dishes.

The hardest one of course is exercise. Some days I bust it out on the Wii and at stroller aerobics, and other days my exercise is the number of trips I make up and down the stairs. I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

Anyway this is what the fridge says:

Today Did I.....
-Teach Something
-Learn Something
-Improve My Home
-Eat God made food
- and Pray?
Then today was a PERFECT day!

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Melissa said...

Thank you! You made my day!