Saturday, July 18, 2009

We're Famous!

Well not us in particular, but an internet community that I belong to. This article was written by one of my friends online. I know it sounds cheesy to have internet friends, but I'm not ashamed to say that I do!

Most mamas are familiar with and their public forums or 'birth boards'. I belonged to a birth board for April 07 and would ocassionally post. Babycenter later changed their format to something alot less popular and a group of us broke off and started a private internet forum. Although the private forum has a couple hundred members, there aren't that many of us who post regularly...maybe 50? I feel like I know them very well.

We've been together since we were all pregnant with our April 07 babies and have seen each other through lots of different things...marriage, divorce, more babies. Recently one of the mothers lost a prematurely born baby and we all banded together to send her a donation of money, a necklace and each person lit a candle in their own home on the day of the baby's memorial. We all took a picture of our candles from around the country (and even a few in other countries), and sent them to her. It was so special..hard to believe that most of us have never met!

I did meet two of the mommies who live in IN back in December at the Children's museum, and in two weeks we are having a much bigger meetup in Chicago.

Anyway, here's the article written by Elizabeth, one of my friends that I get to finally meet in a couple of weeks!: link

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